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Welcome to our new site.            

About us

As a small family business, we pride ourselves in the quality and finish of each and every unit that leaves our factory.

We are keen campers ourselves and enjoy the direct contact that we have with our customers when setting them up with their new camper.

Our campers are specificaly designed with the family in mind , the ability to sleep everyone up off the ground, being able to leave all the beds made up and having an easy setup within the shortest possible amount of time are the key features.

We manufacture two models, the TL8s and TX6, the later being an upgraded version of the TL8s, both units have the same canvas and bedding layout, the main changes that apply to the upgraded TX6 are: re - enginered drawbar, nose cone box, battery location, extra water tank and upgraded suspension.

All of our campers are built to a high standard, our motto , "we believe in Quality not quantity".


Enjoy your camping - the "Camprite crew"

Established  early 1995, we set out with the idea of building  an off - road camper that would accommodate a family of up to six in comfort.

Our focus has always been on manufacturing a quality product, locally made and capable of handling the rough off - road terrain that this great country has to offer.

 We now have a refined product, and with the dedication of our two sons Matt and Tim, we are proud to be able to offer an off - road family camper that is unique in design and second to none when it comes to off-road family camping.